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A Future Forward IoT & IIoT Platform

Want to take the next evolutionary step for your business? Let us help you. Because it’s not just about asset tracking. It’s about connectivity. It’s about collecting intelligence from every facet of your fleet to enhance productivity. It’s the building of an IoT ecosystem with limitless potential. It’s better business with smarter data.

One Platform Connects All

Choose from our diverse line of Chariot devices for all your tracking needs. Hardware and software complemented by our dynamic IoT platform. The ultimate in future forward fleet management solutions.

Your Network, your design

Total deployed devices 500K+

Seamless Integration

Interoperability. What does that mean? Various systems are working together, harmoniously. Gone are the days of incompatibility. One IoT platform, one language.

Actionable Intelligence

It’s not just about collecting data. It’s about capturing quality data that you can use for the benefit of your operation – it’s actionable intelligence.

Connected Solutions

Multi-asset control has never been easier. Real-time IoT interaction means you are connected to all the assets in your company. Anytime. Anywhere.

About Asset Aware IoT

Asset Aware IoT is an offshoot company of the renowned AA Radio Services – a leading Australian supplier of mobile radio communications. Asset Aware is a separate entity, providing dynamic IoT solutions in asset tracking and fleet management. We have the youth and flexibility of a start-up company, but with the backing of a long-established company. We bring with us over 50 years experience in asset communications technology and an ISO accreditation for quality services that proves our ability to consistently meet our customer requirements (ISO 9001: 2015). Find out how we can help bring your business into the future.

One platform, infinite possibilities

Through the IoT, everything is connected. You’re part of an ecosystem. Start with downloading our app to your smart phone. Welcome to the future.

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We’re experts in the field of IoT and fleet management. We can help you harness the full potential of IoT for your operation. We make it easy. And importantly, we’ll customise a solution that works best for your business. Get in touch with us today for a free consult.
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