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About Us

The communication of the future is all about connectivity. The Internet of Things. With a company background in radio communications, we have the foundation to build on a communication platform that is future forward. One that continues to evolve. Importantly, a platform that offers best-in-class software and hardware on a digital ecosystem. An ecosystem that provides connected solutions for fleet management using various devices and sensors that all speak the same language. Scalable interoperability. Our IoT platform will continue to evolve. Continue to get smarter. It needs to. Soon we will be living in a world that consists of smart transport, smart buildings, smart homes, smart farms, entire smart cities. So get smart with us, because the future is now.

Gateway to the Future

Our Asset Aware Gateway simplifies the complexity of remote interaction.
The gateway provides a complete set of APIs that connects with your smart hub,
providing instant access to data on all aspects of your operation.

Agnostic IoT Interoperability

Beyond the smart hub, our gateway provides an advanced platform with a powerful API architecture that can interact with available IoT connected cars, connected transport fleets or smart home ecosystems.