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Chariot Audio Kit


The Asset Aware audio kit acts as an ear
to the vehicular cabin. This hands-free device is designed to wire directly into the Chariot GPS tracking device harness cable. The device can be programmed so that the microphone activates on certain movements or sounds from the cabin.

Full Duplex

Simultaneous two-way voice transmission
where both parties can talk at once.

One Sim Card

Multiple mobile devices utilising
he one sim card.

Safer Driving

The hands-free, auto-answering and auto-dialling features ensure driver safety.

Key Features Include

• Auto-answering and auto dialling modes
• Cabin monitoring
• Full duplex voice connectivity via microphone
and speaker

Technical Specifications

• Microphone:
Frequency Response 20Hz-20KHz
Sensitivity: -44dB±3dB

• Speaker:
Power input 12VDC
Distortion rate 5% MAX rated power input 1KHZ

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