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Chariot BTT


The Chariot Smart Bluetooth Tag can be used for stand-alone applications or expand on the Chariot Smart Drive IoT capabilities, offering endless possibilities in actionable intelligence. Chariot BTT is a multi-sensor tag that is easy to configure and allows for remote monitoring and control of variables including temperature, motion, humidity, light and free-fall impact.

High Value Monitoring

Link up to 100 tags.
Monitor assets and goods.

Driver ID

Identify drivers.
Ensure only authorized access.

Cold Chain Temperature

Access to real-time
Temperature readings.

Key Features Include

• Built-in motion sensor with smart power
• Built-in motion sensor and free fall detection.
• Built-in temperature sensor.
• Built-in ambient light sensor.
• Built-in humidity sensor.
• Replaceable battery.
• High-end remote API interaction for IoT
connected apps.
• LED indicator.
• Portable design and ruggedized enclosure.

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