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Chariot Audio Kit


Get satellite connectivity for your Chariot
Smart Drive. The Satcom is easy to programme and manage via the Asset Aware IoT gateway. It’s ideal for critical scenarios and activities that rely on accurate, real-time communications.


Continued connectivity through Iridium satellite communication.


Ensures your workforce remains compliant and safe.

Lowest Cost Routing

Conserve costs. Automatic and efficient data management.

Key Features Include

• Global operating capability using the Iridium Satellite
• RS-232 transparent communication with Chariot Smart
Drive/ compatible with Chariot Tri-Port Serial Expander
• Fully programmable / configurable trigger events
depending on cellular coverage; automatic switching
between 4G/GPRS and Satellite Network for data
• Two way communication with Asset Aware web
server application
• Fully-integrated and compatible with Asset Aware IoT
ecosystem for custom script reporting configurations
• Total control of satellite data usage
• High gain, low-profile, external Iridium antenna

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