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Chariot Smart Capture


This photo camera accessory will connect to
your Chariot Smart Drive and take photos
based on configurable event conditions.
It’s fully integrated with Asset Aware’s
IoT platform and enables you to take low,
medium or high resolution images based on
various settings.

Connect Up To 3 Cameras

Monitor and report on three different
cameras simultaneously.


The Chariot Smart Capture will take
photos based on defined events.

Improve Driver Behaviour

Have access to a visual of driver
behaviour such as aggressive driving.

Key Features Include

• Take photos upon request (SMS Alias, Platform button)
• Take photos based on events (Panic Press, Door
Opened, Aggressive Driving event)
• Configure low, medium, or high resolution photos
• High level APIs for both taking and retrieving multiple
• Capture exactly what you’re looking for with the
Chariot advanced event configuration engine
• Connect up to three photo cameras simultaneously
with the Chariot Tri-Port Serial Expander

For more information download our full flyer