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Chariot Smart Drive


The Chariot Smart Drive is designed
for IoT and M2M applications,
providing driving assistance and from
the edge computing. Have access to
actionable telematics from multiple
sensors interacting with external IoT
ecosystems and APIs.

Actionable Telematics

Infinite possibilities interacting with
multiple sensors and entire ecosystems.

Advanced Fleet Management

Beyond telematics.
Smarter data on demand.

IoT Integration

Interconnectivity. Interoperability.
One language.

Key Features Include

• Easy pairing with external Bluetooth devices
• High speed data transfer
• Roll over signal with instant acceleration monitoring
as well as backlog for crash condition history report
• Movement, shock, tilt, aggressive lane change, and
aggressive driving on curve detection
• Backup satellite communication capability
• Tamper detection
• Anti-tamper functionality
• ECU-monitor compatible
• Back and forward log
• Large store and forward buffer
• Built-in remote diagnostics
• Intelligent geofencing capability

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