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Unleash the power of Chariot Smart Drive
with an Engine Control Unit (ECU) monitor
that will provide you with quality engine
analytics. The ECU-monitor reads numerous
parameters from the vehicle’s onboard
computer that can be integrated with the
Chariot Smart Drive.

Reads CAN Protocols

Is compatible with J1939 (FMS standard),
J1708 or J1587.

Multiple Parameter Readings

Such as vehicle speed, engine’s oil
pressure and fuel consumption.

Actionable Data

Access to invaluable insights on a
vehicle’s efficiency and performance.

Key Features Include

• Data can be received, processed and managed on Asset
Aware’s IoT platform
• Data can be forwarded in real-time to third-party
application databases
• Provides actionable intelligence to fleet management
control centre
• Reads numerous parameters*: Vehicle speed (km/h),
Engine’s oil pressure (psi), Coolant liquid pressure (psi),
Trip distance (km), Total traveled distance/Odometer (km),
Throttle pedal position (%), Engine revolutions per minute
(rpm), Instant fuel consumption (liters/h), DM1 diagnostic
messages, Cruise control state, PTO state, Parking break
state, Vehicle’s battery level (V), Current fuel level and more.
*If available from ECU

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