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Lance Bluetooth


The Lance is a compact, rugged Bluetooth tag that is perfect for cost-effective asset monitoring. The Lance works with the Javelin, which can serve as Bluetooth gateways that pass data to the server.
Great for tracking pallets, tools, and other items that don’t need a ‘full’ GPS tracker.

Multiple Site Monitoring

Perfect for equipment monitoring over multiple sites and inventory management.

Rugged & Weatherproof

The Lance comes in a compact IP67 rated housing (waterproof) that is UV stable and rugged.

Battery Life

Up to 5 years battery life using 2 x AAA
off the-shelf batteries that are replaceable.

Key Features Include

• Sends beacons to devices with key product information
• Runs off 2 x AAA batteries
• Works for up to 5 years on batteries without SIM or data plan
• Particularly useful for low value or smaller assets
• Suitable for inventory management
• Enables equipment monitoring over multiple sites

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