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Tri-port Chariot Serial Expander


To be a visionary you need to see the
bigger picture. The Chariot three-port
serial expander allows you to do just
that – you can add three external
devices to work off a Chariot GPS
smart integration, simultaneously.

Extra Inputs/Outputs

A total of 7 ground-activated inputs and 6
open drain outputs.

Fully Integratable

The expander is fully integratable with the
Asset Aware IoT ecosystem.

Limitless Options

Agnostic hardware that gives you
flexibility and control of your assets.

Devices That Can Be Integrated Include

• Garmin with FMI Protocol
• Photo Cameras – up to three
• Mobile Data Terminals
• SAT-COM / Iridium Satellite Communicator
• Power Line Control (PLC) trailer identification
• Weight Control Sensors
• Third party external RS232 devices

Technical Specifications:

• Power: 8 to 32 volts
• RS232 male connector to interface with Chariot GPS
• Three additional TX/RX serial ports
• Remote power management to reset any external device

For more information download our full flyer